Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (2023)

Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (1)

Yes, no or maybe half?is a BL anime film based on a Japanese light novel. The main character is a television presenter who maintains an even-tempered personality in public, although his true personality is petty and argumentative. Only his new acquaintance has seen both sides of him, but little does he know that these two fundamentally different personalities belong to the same person.

For an hour-long short, Yes, No, or Maybe Half tells a sweet and compelling love story at a comfortable pace. This anime deals with the theme of duality and explores the discrepancies between perception and behavior. Unfortunately, the problematic scene in the last few minutes mars an entertaining film.


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Summary Yes, No or maybe half of the anime

What is the name of the anime?

yes or no or half

What is an anime studio?


When was the anime released?


How long is yes, no or maybe half?

50 minutes

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How would you describe the anime?

calm and gentle

Is the anime an adaptation of a light novel?

Yes, written by Michi Ichiho

Is it yes, no or maybe half BL?

Yes it is hot BL anime movie.


Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (2)

Kei is the handsome host of a TV news show. At work, he is known for being friendly, polite, and tolerant of everyone around him. Deep down, Kei is easily irritated and resentful of those who tease him. However, Kei is good at hiding his inner thoughts and always presents himself with a no-nonsense and people-friendly personality.

Kei meets Ushio, a stop-motion animator, for an upcoming interview. Ushio is creative, talented and dedicated to his work. Ushio doesn't seem enthusiastic about this interview, which angers Kei, but the TV host maintains a pleasant demeanor as ever. Kei's friendliness, especially towards the other crew members, makes a good impression on Ushio.

After the interview, Kei and Ushio reunite in a chance encounter. The two got into a bicycle accident in which Ushio was injured. When Kei shows indifference to her welfare, Ushio is upset by the abuser's bad attitude. However, he does not realize that this person is actually Kei, as the presenter wears a face mask and dresses modestly when not in the spotlight.

To compensate for his injury, Ushio forces Kei to help him with his next animation project. Although reluctant at first, Kei regularly visits Ushio's house and helps him with his creative work. Kei establishes a routine with these regular visits, though he never removes his mask or reveals his true identity. For Ushio, the man who stays in his house all the time is "Owari".

A bond forms between Ushio and his new masked partner. Though Kei feels comfortable around Ushio, he still hasn't told the truth about his identity. Maintaining this facade begins to get stressful for Kei, especially since Ushio insists on learning more about Owari's personal life.

Yes, no, or maybe half an anime trailer.

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Yes, no, or maybe half of an anime cast.


SimAtsushi Abe

Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (3)

Kei is a television host for a variety news program. Though he appears elegant and level-headed to his peers, his inner thoughts are actually childish and petty. Kei is conscious of her public image, so she always wears a mask and glasses outside. Kei adopts the false alias "Owari" when he starts hanging around Ushio's house.

ushioYoshihisa Kawahara

Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (4)

Ushio is an award-winning filmmaker recognized for his creative stop-motion animation. Although his work is complicated and repetitive, Ushio is passionate about turning his hobby into a career. He develops a good relationship with Kei the host and Owari the alias without realizing they are the same person.

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Yes, no, or maybe half the anime review


Anime Review Score:7.4


Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (5)

Yes, No, or Maybe Half is a short and simple BL anime that unfolds in a cute and charming way. As the film is under an hour long allow for limited plot development and adjust your expectations accordingly. Still this animetakes time to build up the important moments of the charactersand delve into the emotional nuances. The story flows smoothly at a comfortable pace, always moving on to the next plot point without feeling too rushed.

That being said, Yes, No or Maybe Half could have benefited from a longer film, sure. I really wish we could see more interactions between Kei and Ushio as they team up. We only got a brief montage of the few weeks Kei spent each day at Ushio's apartment, but it didn't capture their growing intimacy. The relationship would seem more compelling if we actually eavesdropped on some of their conversations or saw cute little moments between them. In a longer film, this romance could be played out much more intensely.

UEI enjoyed the character-driven drama in Yes, No, or Maybe Half.🇧🇷 Kei is a complex protagonist who hides his true feelings behind a mask of serenity and perfection. His sarcastic thoughts are fun to listen to, even if some of his comments make him seem a bit duplicitous. However, I wouldn't have liked Kei's character that much if he was just a nice guy or just plain mean to people. The conflicting duality of his personality drives the narrative forward and makes him so interesting to watch.

Right up to the last scene, Yes, No, or Maybe Half captivated me with a character-driven story, sweet romance, and aesthetically pleasing art designs. The plot of the second half of the film is quite gripping as Kei deals with new pressures from his promotion at work. I love this kind of interpersonal conflict. The anime does a great job of developing Kei's character and showing his personal growth in a rewarding journey. The plot is carefully and romantically crafted, so I had every reason to believe we were headed for a happy ending.

But yes, no or maybe halfends with a nasty sex scene that is incredibly shocking to watch🇧🇷 I don't feel comfortable when I see a character crying and repeatedly saying "No, no, no..." while her partner penetrates him. This sex scene is terribly heartbreaking and feels very different from the boring tone of the rest of the film. Unfortunately, that ending shattered the goodwill Yes, No, or maybe half had built and left an unpleasant aftertaste of a sweet story.

good story The story is quite thoughtful and philosophical...Well, romance... I wish the yes, no, or maybe half spent more time crafting their romance...Good graphics... could have put more effort into art and animation...Bad Ending...revealed his predatory behavior under the guise of a nice guy...

Historical review

history of duality
Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (6)

I liked the story of Yes, No, or Maybe Half, although you have to put aside a bit of logic to get into the game. Only in the fictional world of anime does a person become unrecognizable after putting on a mask and glasses. Kei is here in an even more flashy disguise than the tuxedo mask, but Ushio is still unaware of his secret identity. Maybe Ushio is the one who has to wear glasses after all? 🇧🇷

Anyway, mebuild on the theme of duality explored in Yes, No, or Maybe Half🇧🇷 Kei literally wears a mask when impersonating Owari. However, he still wears a token mask even when posing on camera under his real name. He presents different versions of himself in his public persona and in his private life. In a way, their character resembles the LGBT experience before coming out or even your everyday life where you are expected to behave differently at work. Her character is identifiable with anyone who is forced to hide part of their identity in order to blend in with their surroundings.

Ushio's character has the reverse personality of Kei. Warm, honest and transparent, it reads like an open book. With no secrets to hide, Ushio encourages genuine communication and is open about his feelings. His character is almost overwhelming, like the best version of ourselves we should strive for. Ushio goes well with Kei, motivating the host to live unreservedly, without character or pretensions. When they are together, Kei finally feels comfortable enough to be himself.

There's a surprisingly deep narrative built into Yes, No, or Maybe Half. EITHERThe story is actually very thoughtful and philosophical, even if it hides under the facade of a light novel. I just wish the anime was longer to allow these themes to reach their full potential.

novel review

Kei y Ushio
Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (7)

As a couple, Kei and Ushio are cute characters who look great together. There's a scene in the restaurant where they exchange looks, which makes my heart skip a beat. It's so indescribableVibrationBelow are all the reasons why I watch BL.

Just mewish the yes, no, or maybe half spent more time writing their novel🇧🇷 It feels a bit lackluster at the moment as it's missing some extra scenes that could have clearly defined the relationship between them. The spark is there, but it just needs time to develop into a passionate flame.

I like the dynamic between the two characters. Ushio is genuinely supportive of Kei and shows genuine admiration for his skills, career and personality. At the same time, he also accepts Owari's weirdness and finds the beauty behind his character flaws. With so much patience and understanding, Ushio FAST is the perfect friend. I use the word "almost" because in the end the illusion is destroyed. 🇧🇷

Art criticism

good visual effects
Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (8)

The character designs in Yes, No or Maybe Half are gorgeous. Both leads are handsome, well drawn and display a variety of vivid emotions. However, some scenes can seem a little boring at times due to the lack of visual interest or background detail. The film definitely could have had thatinvest more effort in terms of art and animation.

However, the artwork is aesthetically pleasing and this anime is easy on the eyes. Also, I love how we were able to see the little stop-motion animation project that Kei put together. I thought that was a very nice gesture.


Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (9)

Even the sex scene, yes, no, or maybe half, was in such a good place after thata moving confession of love that resonates with the story's main narrative themes🇧🇷 Ushio tells Kei that she loves both versions of him, including the good and bad sides of his personality. I liked when he said his love doubled when he found out about the two identities. This is a romantic sentiment that shows that Ushio Kei's personality doesn't divide into "good half" and "bad half", but actually clearly encompasses both sides of him.

Despite the wonderful confession followed by a beautiful kiss,Their sex scene felt like a sledgehammer in the nice atmosphere🇧🇷 Maybe this scene wouldn't have looked so bad if I watched it without subtitles, but the dialogue is terrible. Kei is trapped in bed with tears in his eyes and screams:"No! I don't! You can't! I said no! That doesn't make me happy at all!"Ushio ignores these tearful pleas and still forces her body against Kei.

I know there is no classic example of non-consensual dating, but there has to be and this sex scene is it. Consent is by no means a “yes, no, or maybe halfway” scenario. If someone repeatedly tells you no during sex, they mean it.

Watching this sex scene was uncomfortable, which made me completely reevaluate Ushio as a character. I thought he was a cute boy, not a troublemaker, and then the endexposed his predatory behavior among a nice person🇧🇷 I really wish Yes, No or Maybe Half didn't equate lack of consent with sensual sex because this scene could have been written so much differently. The sex scene made the ending so thorny and ruined what had been a very solid anime up to that point.

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best character


Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (10)

My answer to best would have been Ushio until the sex scene happened🇧🇷 I thought he was a nice humble guy but not anymore. Kei's personality is a bit picky for me, but I think he's an interesting character, especially when he's in Owari mode. Every time Kei pretends to be Owari he takes his tsundere to the extreme which of course I LOVE. 🇧🇷


To Kei's inner voice

Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (11)

I love Kei's sarcastic inner voice., I'm sorry, I'm not sorry. A lot of these comments are mean, so they don't make you appear like the nicest or most honest guy. His meanness is what I like about him. 🇧🇷

It's also important to note that Kei didn't do anything malicious during the anime. Sure, she occasionally has bad thoughts about people out of frustration, but her character doesn't plot or conspire against others. Kei isn't someone with ulterior motives trying to bring down those around him to advance his career. His worst crime is complaining to the people in his head and never telling them how he really feels. But we all feel guilty about it sometimes, right?

skin and nudity

sex scene

Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (12)

The sex scene at the end was clearly branded as fanservice., but how you actually react to it is another story. Nothing graphically explicit is seen during the scene, but the dialogue is cheeky. You also see a picture of the lube, as well as Ushio's muscular torso. How does he get that physique when the guy sits in a room all day making clay models? 🇧🇷


non-consensual sex

Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (13)

Heua non-consensual sexual encounter in the final minutes of the film.Kei repeatedly says, "NO, I DON'T WANT IT, DON'T PUT IT IN ME!" no doubt about it, but Ushio is still trying. Kei cries after penetration. In a way, yes, no, or maybe half idealizes this violation of personal boundaries, as if someone saying “no, no, no” is part of sexual foreplay. 🇧🇷


the sex scene

Yes, no, or maybe half: BL Anime Movie Review | Plot and ending analysis (14)

I'm sorry I hit a dead horse. I know I spent half of the review talking about this topic butThe sex scene is so amazing I can't ignore it🇧🇷 You have this very solid anime in almost every way, and there is one gigantic flaw that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Don't get me wrong, I love it when characters consummate their love in a BL story. We stand for positive sexual narratives here at BL Watcher! However, the sex scene in Yes, No, or Maybe Half was unnecessarily gross. What bothers me is that they have ALL creative liberties to depict sex anyway, but kind of end up choosing to do it.

The non-consensual element was added on purpose, presumably to make the scene "sexier" which is so problematic. Hopefully yes, no or maybe half didn't feel the need to spice up the sex scene,continuing a toxic trope that has always plagued BL anime🇧🇷 This genre needs to respect consent in romantic relationships and starts to be more responsible in the way you depict sex between healthy and loving couples. Do better, be better.

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Yes, no, or maybe half the information from the anime.



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