Trek 2023 control point SLR 9 ETAP bike (2023)

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£ 12.000,00

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The 2023 SLR 9 ETAP Trek Verification Point is our best carbon gravel bike and is built to crush the best gravel races in the world with rapid changes, Aeolus 37V carbon wheels and additional frames for devices and accessories.Bicycle is a true marriage of gravel.

A 700 -series OCLV carbon structure is speed and carbon armor, a progressive geometry that is stable at speed and an efficient and efficient increase, internal storage, hidden cables and does not affect the bags, and a structure bagIntegrated and Guardin does not support.Até 45 Tires C.

Our best control point frame was developed and created for performance and comfort during gravel races.rsl.

- Sam Red Etap Machado Transmission is smart, smooth and completely wireless

- The Isponid coupon absorbs tired blows without jumping

- The new progressive geometry is fast and agile, but keeps it stable and under control over fast and cut running

- An elegant internal storage compartment offers a versatile location for storing tools and devices

- Support integrated with the bag and stopping brackets - facilitate the equipment and water

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Instructions for buying gravel bicycles

Gravel bicycles have explored in popularity in recent years. Now there are dozens of gravel bike events across the UK and a growing number of cycling routes with long fighting, which were designed for gravel bikes.Bicycles of gravel, we will take into account things by the main duration that should be taken into consideration when choosing a gravel bike.

What is the attractiveness of a gravel bike?

The main attraction of gravel bicycles is versatility. It can be used on normal roads, but they will also work very well on forest roads, old raillines and agricultural rails.It is also linked to asphalt sections. Of course you can do this on a mountain bike, but a gravel bike is usually faster and lighter. This also means that it can cover some long distances when traveling. Passenger passengers areCascalho road cyclists who want to move away from traffic.

Because gravel bikes are often used to make walks and wallets, most are equipped with bags for bags. This luggage capacity in combination with speed and the ability to deal with mixed surfaces means that gravel bikes are alsoextremely popular.

Read our full guide to buy gravel bikes

Trek 2023 control point SLR 9 ETAP bike (9)

Are gravel bikes easy to travel?

The gravel bikes are very popular to travel. We will make many of you in the work program, we will cross the advantages and disadvantages with a gravel bike and will answer the question: "Are they gravel bikes to travel well?"

Travelers on a gravel bike

The gravel bikes are fast, almost as fast as a standard road. But that gravel bikes are as good is that they are extremely versatile. You can be on asphalt, bicycle routes, old railway lines, channel trailer paths and evenOff -road paths.

Another great advantage of traveling with a gravel bike is that they are usually more convenient than road bikes. This is due to difficult ways. Most gravel bikes have a very vertical steering position, which makes it easy to seeWhat happens in traffic. The combination of stable management and a comfortable driving position is a great trusted impetus for the driver, especially in the damp streets.

Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of gravel bikes to travel

Trek 2023 control point SLR 9 ETAP bike (10)

Trek made his first bicycles at a Wisconsin barn in 1976. Trek races and many walking bikes have a strong racist influence. You have a very scientific approach to examining the bicycle and human performance, and then the bicycles are then bicycles.faster and efficient as possible.

This does not prevent your attention and passion for bicycles for everything you do. From the 1990s, Trek supported bicycle spaces.Places for Ethos Bicycle falls according to the explanation of the mission of Company A:

Just build products we love.Offer our customers an incredible hospitality andChange the world to bring more people to bicycles.

Frame -700 OCLV Carbon Series, ISESPED, descendant storage door, internal routing, coordinated seat mast, current carrier, T47 BB, power brackets, integrated structure bag, flat discs --DISC, 142 x 12 mm throughaxis

Fork - Purchase, collective Kenn.

Front Bonder Aeolus RSL 37 V, OCLV Carbon, ready without ROHR, 37 mm edge depth, 100x12 mm through the axis

RAD BACK - Bon Contractor Aeolus RSL 37 V, OCLV Carbon, tube without tube, 37 mm deep edge, 142 x 12 mm through the axis

Shooting - Bontrager GR1 equipment, ready without bathtub, interior accommodation, pearl aramid, 120 TPI, 700 x 40 C

Part of the tire sealant - Bontrager, 180 ml/6 OZ

Rim Strip - Bontrager TLR

Maximum tire size - 700x45c / 650x2.1 "pneumatic bontrager

Axos Red Etap of Shifter-Sram, 12 speeds

Then XPLR Red -Tap -Achsen, 44T Maximum DAG

Comba - Sram Red Machado with food knife, 40t, synchronization

Lower Support - Sram Dub, Pink T47, Internal Bearing

Cassette-Sram XG-1271, 10-44, 12 speeds

Cadena - Sram Red D1, 12 speeds

Max.Tamaño of Clothing: 46T, 2x: 50/37 (Shimano: 36)

Sattel - Bontrager Short Professional Verse, Carbon Rails

Post Sillin - Bontrager carbon seat mast lid, 5 mm shift

Links - Bontrager Pro Isocore VR -SF

Shopping Belt - Bontrager Superk by

VOTE - BONTRAGER RSL CARBON, 31.8 mm staple, 7 degrees

Freno-Sram Centerline X, Centerlock, Redondo, 160 mm

Rotor Size - Brake Rotor Maximum sizes: 160 mm on the front and rear

Battery: SRAM ETAP -Akku (with charger)

Title bag bag

PESO - 56 cm - 8,10 kg/17,86 libras

Weight Limitation: This bike has a maximum weight limit (combined bicycle, driver and loading) 125 kg (125 kg).

Have in mind:Sometimes manufacturers can change product specification from time to time.

Cores It was Blanca/Iris Esmeralda, Maréndula/Blue Nautical, Mate Deep/Bright Oliva, RadioAkTive Koralle
Sizes 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61
Marke Emigrate
Year year 2023
Bars codes 601842608210, 601842608227, 601842608234, 601842608241, 601842608258, 601842608265, 601842608272, 601842608289, 601842608296, 601842608302, 601842608319, 601842608326, 601842608333, 601842608340, 601842608357, 601842608364, 601842608371, 601842608388, 601842608395, 601842608401, 601842608418, 601842608425, 601842608432, 601842608449
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