Place a marathon: #1 List of resources for marathon corridors (2023)

Less than 1% of us run a marathon, it's a big challenge.Maratona training threadsTake a bold idea of seedlings ("What would you need for me to make a marathon?) Explain to some of the most difficult and famous races in the world.

You can learn everything you always wanted to know about you in 26.2 miles.

Lori Culnane

Run a marathon

Marathon Training 101: How to complete your first marathon

No one who has a good mind tries to operate a marathon without a compromised and rigorous training plan.26.2 milesunpreparedIt is a recipe for a disaster.

Our first semester marathon training guide is transported by the necessary preparation.

First Marathon Training Bridges

Marathon -Empo -Carts

Training for a marathon and one last time in mind?Our rhythm diagrams below show youRhythmnecessary to reach your time. Don't forget that you can use ourTemporalTo see a collapse of the divisions needed to crush your goal!

Maratona -meile -tempo -diagramm

Mal 62:24:12
Mal 72:50:25
Mal 83:16:39
10 places4:09:05

Marathon Km -Tepo -Dempammm

Km climateTIME OF TIME

Current data records

What is your pace compared to the fastest marathon corridors in the world?

Take it, guys ...

Men's Marathon of Men

Eliud Kipchoge is the current holder of the world record.2:01:09In the Berlin Marathon in 2022Fastest marathon.

Your time leaves at 4:37 per mile or 2:52 per km.It is not a bad training that.

The marathon of faster women

Brigida Kosgei, also from Kenya, is the current world record for women.2:14:04at the Chicago Marathon in 2019.

Its time is reduced to 5:06 per mile or 3:10 per km.

MEDIAN Marathon Times

Unnecessarily mention that we do not try to keep flash times with kipchoge or kosgeal.

The average period of the marathonFor men is 4:13:00and the average period of the marathonFor women is 4:42:00Remember when you set your race goals!

Marathon -Tipps and Frequencies

Preparing for a marathon is a psychological and intellectual challenge. It is not just about achieving a maximum physical condition. We have a collection ofMarathon Tips, Experiences and Frequent QuestionsTry more about what you need to go 26.2 miles or improve your best personal brand in a next race:

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Regardless of having never operated on a marathon or collected 50, it is always inspiring to know from other corridors and the stories that a role in your ...keep reading

Place a marathon: #1 List of resources for marathon corridors (2)

How do you feel a marathon to run?

Did you know that marathon corridors are not allowed from a church building less than 50 meters? This is because the marathon corridor according to the ...keep reading

Place a marathon: #1 List of resources for marathon corridors (3)

Can you run a marathon without prior training?

26.2 miles, 42.2 kilometers, a marathon is not something that most corridors would consider for a humor ...keep reading

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How to achieve a 4 -hour marathon rhythm

Performing a marathon is an excellent performance in itself, but leading a marathon in just 4 hours is a particularly impressive performance for a first timing. The ordinary man takes ...keep reading

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How long does it take to recover from a marathon?

One thing seems true if you are a marathon corridor for beginners or an experienced multi-terminal. They will be exhausted and tired for days after you have a marathon that extends 26.2 ...keep reading

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Can you run a marathon without food?

Serious athletes spend years of planning, exercise and preparation for marathons. If 26.2 miles run, the body is extremely stressful and then food and moisture play an important role ...keep reading

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What is a good marathon?

"My hips hurt. And my feet are broken, but I'm in the best training, two months after destroying my best time of personal marathon, and nothing will be in my path ... ... ... .... .. ..... ... ...keep reading

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"Why do people manage the marathon? Most of us won't appear on stage, but if a person is a world -class athlete or a four -hour corridor, the marathon offers us a scenario in which we appear and we are proud, for millionsThey applaud people. In an unequal world, people with very different skills share something in common: the act of distance. "

-Fred Lebow, founder da marathon of Nova York

Book No. 1 for the marathon corridor for the first time

Marathon, revised and updated from the fifth edition: the best training guide

US $ 17,99

Marathon: The best training guidelinesIt's one of the best books of all time for many reasons, but above all this is: it works. With the extensive approach to Higdon and proven methods, each corridor learns how to optimize their training and achieve their marathon goals.

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Selection of a suitable marathon course

Some runners choose a local marathon as a favorite race. Dandruff wants to have a prestigious course or an iconic event that can act as inspiration, aUltimate goalUse these difficult hours on the street. We heal some of our favorite marathons around the world.Marathon wisheslow!

21 best marathons in Britain -bretanha: from London to Snowdonia

23 best marathons in Canada: The Great Norte Blanco Runs

19 best marathons in the United States: a guide to the most famous races in the United States

17 best marathons in Australia: from Outback to Gold Coast

10 fastest marathon courses in the world

Run a marathon: the facts and figures

How many miles is a marathon?

A marathon is 26.2 miles, which translated 42,195 km. This has always been the case. 26.2 miles were only "official" by the International Association of Atlagas Federations (IAAF) in 1921. The first 26.2 miles marathonIt occurred at the London Olympic Games.

How many steps are in a marathon?

If you wonder if a marathon will transfer you about the famous "10,000 steps per day"Recommendation, the answer is, hum ... an average of itself. An average corridor completes a marathon in approximately 55,000 steps (average of 30 inches). However, an elite corridor will complete a marathon in less than 25,000 steps.This is at a higher speed and tracking length.

Why is a marathon 26.2 miles?

We have to go back to the first 26.2 miles marathon, which took place at the Royal Infasses Garden in Windsor in 1908 at the London Olympic Games.IAAF has taken over 26.2 miles, and the rest is history!

How many calories burn a marathon?

It depends on your weight, age, gender and speed. It is a lot of a corridor to burn 100-120 calories per mile, which leads to 2620-3144 calories that burn a marathon.

What is the oldest marathon in the world?

The Boston Marathon is usually considered the oldest marathon in the world. It was first done in April 1897 and was won by John J. "JJ" McDermott in a time of 2:55:10, the first marathon of Boston wasA little shorter than the races we see today. He said 39.4 km (24.5 miles).

What is the largest marathon in the world?

New York City Marathon is the largest in the world. It has more than 50,000 runners every year. The Chicago Marathon is the second largest, with about 40,000 participants.

Every 26.2 miles start with a single step

Are you ready to start your marathon trip? Today, a marathon requires commitment and planning, whether you perform your first marathon or 50th key data for good training sessions.Go in good condition, eat well and protect yourself from injuries.Our following resources can help:

Put to run more

26.2 miles is a long way to go.


Running Nutrition

Find out how you can feed your body to these long races. HIER is what committed marathon corridors need to know about nutrition.


Injury and recovery

Rape can play your training plan outside the window.

Recovery leader

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