Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (2023)

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Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (1)

The 9 Best Gravel Shoes – 2022 Gravel Cycling Shoes

Our favorite SPD cleats and shoes for gravel riding:
affordable, waterproof, cost-effective, for men and women

Is there such a thing as Gravel Bike Shoes? Are there manufacturers that design special cycling shoes for gravel training?

The answer is not yet... but rest assured that brands will be filling the gravel bike shoe niche very soon - [update, they've already done that!]

It's honestly hard to say what the characteristics of a gravel bike shoe should be. We can imagine something between a slippery road shoe and a robust one.Bergschuhdesigned for off-road use. This is one of the main criteria we consider when choosing the best gravel shoes here.

cycling shoesThey would also work perfectly on a gravel ride and most of them are much more comfortable to walk in compared to road cycling shoes.

Since most gravel riders prefer the SPD cleatless pedal, we will only feature a pair of flat pedal shoes. Finally, there are some riders who have never fallen in love with SPD pedals.
So buckle up and get ready for our list of the best gravel cycling shoes for 2022.

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Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (2)

The 9 best gravel bike shoes in a nutshell

  • 1. Sapatos Sidi Gravel MTB
  • 2. Physics X5 Earth
  • 3. SHIMANO SH-RX80
  • 4. Adidas The gravel shoe
  • 5. Louis Garneau Carbono LS-100 3
  • 6. Triseven Premium Triathlon MTB Shoes
  • 7. PEARL IZUMI X-Alp Divide men's cycling shoes
  • 8. SHIMANO SH-MT501 Offroad
  • 9. Tommaso Vertex 100/200 All-Mountain-Vibram

The 9 best cycling shoes for riding gravel in 2022

1. Sidi Gravel Mountain Bike Shoe - New Addition!

Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (3)

And here it comes, the gravel shoe as we've been prophesying for some time now. The Sidi Gravel MTB shoe is the first shoe designed specifically for riding on gravel.

Has a new headPolitexand perforated mesh inside. "Politex" is a material formed by several overlapping layers with different physical-mechanical properties, so the compacted PVC is coupled between two fabrics (knit fabric + felt), it offers strong resistance to tearing, tearing, stretching and discoloration.

The Sidi Gravel Shoe has a polyurethane cushion on the outside, which together with the padding inside ensures maximum comfort.

The toe cap is reinforced for added foot protection and an anatomically shaped plastic back shell reduces heel slippage and provides better power transmission.

BOA dials are TECHNO-3 SYSTEM, SIDI patent. They fit along the entire length of the shoe, customizing the upper to the shape of the foot for a custom fit. BOA dials can also be repaired and replaced.

To update! I just bought these shoes and I love them, super comfortable, stable and great value for money!

2. Physics X5 Earth

Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (4)

Robust, light, comfortable and versatile, the Fizik Terra x5 are true all-terrain shoes that guarantee excellent performance on any terrain.

It features a precise adaptive fit produced by a single BOA L6 micro-adjustable dial and 25mm microfiber and velcro strap.

The sole is a nested carbon fiber composite and the insole is a Fizik cycling insole. Together they provide optimal energy transfer, support and comfort.

Breathability is excellent thanks to the laser-perforated Microtex upper and lightweight, breathable inner mesh.

Fizik's Terra x5 inspires confidence on the trail thanks to its all-terrain grip provided by a pronounced profile that fully wraps the heel, forefoot, instep and groin to the cleat, providing riders with a grip resistant. prefer clipless trail pedals with a small platform.

Strong, lightweight fabric heel loop is a nice addition to gravel andgo ride a bike, as they are designed to carry things.

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3. SHIMANO SH-RX800: Gravel-Rennschuhe

Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (5)

Shimano is entering the gravel shoe market with another great shoe, the SH-RX800 Gravel Racing Shoe.

Ultralight and super stiff for optimal power transfer and pedaling efficiency, yet comfortable enough to wear all day, this could be the ultimate gravel cycling shoe.

A great feature is the handles and non-slip pad on the sole that allows you to walk normally even off the bike - definitely something you want, especially if you plan on doing so.Ride your gravel bike.

Toe protection is reliable, with a micro toe cap protecting your feet from the occasional bumps that are inevitable when riding on gravel.

4. Adidas The gravel shoe

Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (6)

Another shoe made specifically for gravel is the new Adidas Gravel Cycling Shoe. For this product, the sportswear giant opted to use the main company name instead of expanding on Five Ten, its cycling shoe avatar.

The gravel shoes are made from Primegreen, a range of high-performance recycled materials, another indication that Adidas is trying to market this product to the younger generation, who are generally more concerned about environmental concerns. 50% of the upper is made from recycled fabrics and no pure polyester is used.

The stud has a standard two-stud design, while the rest of the sole has a heel-to-toe grip pattern, making it possibleHiking and trekking.

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5. Carbon Louis Garneau LS-100

Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (7)

Yet another traditional cycling shoe, but with gravel comfort in mind, this pair has everything you'd expect from a quality pair of gravel bike shoes.

The Carbon LS-100, as the name suggests, comes with an HM-air carbon composite sole that is both stiff and ultra-light.

Its exclusive sole guarantees total ventilation and optimal power transmission. This pair features a 4.3mm platform that brings you even closer to your bike's pedals for more power.

Unlike most cycling shoes, this pair will make your feet swell, which is perfect especially when cycling in the hot season. Greatbike shoesAlso!

6. Triseven Premium-Triathlon

Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (8)Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (9)_

Why not some triathlon shoes for riding on gravel? After all, triathlon is about fast cycling and off-bike activities, especially with a lot of gravel riding.Overnight bike camp.

The Triseven Premium Triathlon Cycling Shoes are one of the most reliable pairs on the market and are also quite affordable. These lightweight shoes are designed for maximum comfort and performance enhancement.

Triseven premium triathlon shoes have a unique breathable upper made from microfiber and synthetic nylon material. Its sole is made of carbon to increase stability. This pair has a high heel lacing that allows for a quick transition.

Not only are these affordable shoes comfortable to wear, the nylon sole gives you the stability you need, while the well-ventilated footbed helps keep your feet dry for extended periods of time.

7. PEARL IZUMI X-Alp Divide Cycling Shoes for Men - Best for the Budget

Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (10)

an extremely lightBergschuhDesigned to withstand the abuse of mountain biking, the Pearl Izumi X-Alp Divide is a sleek looking product.

The seamlessly knit upper ensures snug underfoot comfort, while two anatomical straps ensure a comfortable, stable fit for all foot shapes.

Continuous nylon plate and aggressive outsole pattern provide traction, power transfer and durability.

Reinforced toe cap offers added protection from flying gravel and the occasional snag.

8. SHIMANO SH-MT501 Offroad

Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (11)Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (12)

Shimano has some great models of mountain bike shoes that are also perfect for riding on gravel. These new 2022 SHIMANO SH-MT501 all-rounders make this list thanks to their versatility.

We could call these hybrid cycling shoes, with a synthetic leather sole that offers the walking comfort of a good trail shoe, the grip of a flat pedal shoe and the possibility of mounting cleats and using it as an SPD ... seems very practical for many scenarios (you think of an impeller).

The shaft plate is fiberglass reinforced and provides excellent power transmission with enough flexibility for walking.

Synthetic leather uppers stand up to the rigors of MTB trails, while mesh panels keep your feet dry and cool. The Speed ​​​​Lace System ensures secure closure and quick adjustments.

9. Tommaso Vertex 100/200 All-Mountain-Vibram

Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (13)Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (14)

These new shoes from Tommaso Vertice challenge Shimano in the hybrid cycling shoe market, offering all of Shimano's versatility at a fraction of the price.

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Of course, this shoe is compatible with SPD cleats, but it also has a wonderful Vibram sole for use on flat pedals or off the bike.

These beautiful SPD hybrid gravel cycling shoes will hug your foot like a glove with generous, breathable plush cushioning.

The closure system adjusts quickly with three ergonomic Velcro straps that are secure and easy to access. The downside of these excellent affordable MTB shoes is their weight, a few grams heavier than their Shimano counterparts.

How to choose the right gravel bike shoes for you

SPD Clipless Gravel Shoes vs. flat pedal gravel shoes

The flat pedal VS SPD issue is an eternal argument that, as is often the case, ultimately boils down to a matter of personal preference.such disputesAgain.

Clipless pedals and SPD shoes glue the foot to the bike, providing perfect grip and traction applied by the foot as it revs up (although this may have no effect).such a big impact).

Disadvantages of SPD automatic shoes are:

  • Dress and undress every time you need to put your foot down
  • not executable

The disadvantages offlat pedal shoesSohn:

  • You can lose contact with the pedal platform
  • Slightly less efficient power transmission

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Gravel Cycling Shoes: The 9 Best SPD 4 Gravel Cycling Shoes (16)

Should You Consider Weight?

Lighter shoes require less energy to turn while pedaling, so you can go faster... see how that sounds? just stupid. A few grams on their shoes won't make a difference unless they are pros on an indoor circuit.

locking system

There are several retention systems that can provide a comfortable and secure fit.

  • BOA dials and ratchet(my favorite)
  • velcro(may age and stop sticking)
  • ropes(may interfere with cranks)
  • Velcro and lace mix(safer, but very complex)

Some shoes have combined two of the above systems for a more tailored, tailored fit. I personally prefer BOA or Velcro closures.

Durability and stiffness of the sole

The sole of most shoes is made of rubber, nylon or carbon fiber. These materials differ in terms of applications and performance.

carbon fiber is rigid; therefore ideal forMTB-Zapatillas em Cross-Country-StilBut not for driving on gravel. Rubber provides better grip on the bike and is more comfortable. Nylon is not stiff, but it is more durable and offers reliable comfort.

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Gravel bike shoes FAQ

Do women need women's specific cycling shoes?

In fact, women don't need to buy women's cycling shoes. As with bikes, the differences are generally minimal, resembling a market sale rather than an actual specialty.

Basically, women's cycling shoes are a little narrower than men's/unisex versions and are available in smaller sizes. Therefore, if you need a small size, you may have to resort to buying women's bikepacking shoes.

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