Does running reduce belly fat? - A dash of fitness (2023)

Will Running Reduce Belly Fat?

This question is asked again and again and rightly so.

Yes, running is a powerful cardiovascular workout and can deliver tremendous results if done wisely. It's important to understand the benefits of a good cardio workout, why it works, and how to get the most out of it.

This guide will dive into the world of jogging to explain what makes jogging beneficial, what to consider before you start, and how to get the most out of your workouts.

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Does running reduce belly fat? - A dash of fitness (1)

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Will Running Reduce Belly Fat?

Let's start by answering the main question.

Does Running Reduce Belly Fat? Is running good for losing weight?

Questions keep popping up and it's important to understand the value of running before doing it right. So it's time to take a look at jogging, how it works and why it's a great option.

In general, running is a great weight loss solution because it burns the workout. Essentially any type of exercise will have this effect. The idea is to get up and move as much as possible during your workout, whether it's on the treadmill, in the pool, or playing sports.

Jogging is a great option because it's a doable exercise. It does not require much effort and is ideal for beginners.

In most situations, it's low-impact cardio and burns quite a lot of calories over long distances. For the average person looking to lose weight, running works well and is easy to learn.

Don't be afraid to get on a treadmill and give it a try.

(Video) How to Burn Belly Fat

You'll start noticing what works and what doesn't. That's when jogging starts to produce great results because you're making adjustments. As long as you eat right (don't eat burgers!), you won't see results with anything other than running. It is so effective when it comes to burning calories.

The average person doesn't get as much exercise as they need, and that's holding them back.

Don't be one of those people and start running to lose weight. You'll appreciate the results once the fat starts to ooze. Many people recognize how running helps reduce belly fat. It can really be life-changing, and that's what makes it such a powerful option.

Start with 20-30 minute sessions at a reasonable pace before building things up. This makes it easier to get used to, especially if you use a treadmill. Don't do everything right away as it will affect your ability to maintain your productivity.

Jogging will help you lose weight and is a must in your weight loss journey. Try it!

Learn to walk properly

1.learn the technique

Start learning the technique.

Yes, running can feel like a breeze, but it doesn't have to be. The average person might find that it's not that easy to hop on the treadmill, set it to 4 MPH and start the session.

There are many "disorders" that a person can develop over time. These issues must be addressed before they lead to unnecessary injuries.

Jogging techniques are all about understanding how your legs and arms should move from start to finish. Then you will enjoy the session more while reducing the stress on your joints.

So what is the right running technique?

In general, you want to start with the legs. You want to make sure your feet land in the same spot in front of you. Don't let your legs hang sideways as this will throw you off balance (incredibly risky on a treadmill!) so it's best to learn this now.

Not only make sure you land on the same spot, but also on the front third of your feet. Do not start walking on your heels as this will cause unwanted pain.

If you've been walking on your feet, maybe it's time to take things back a little. Get proper technique before picking up speed.

Finally, make sure your arms are close to your body and support your running ability. You should not swing violently to the right or left. Keep them locked up and run with a goal. This involves sticking out your chest a little to keep the momentum going in the right direction.

(Video) Sprinting For Weight Loss & Fat Loss

These subtle changes to your fit will take time to implement. However, you will appreciate the increase in speed and performance.

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2.make adjustments

Do you make adjustments while running?

It's not just about learning the technique and hoping for the best! You have to take your time to make adjustments.

Every runner is different, and that means you'll need unique changes to your technique. For example, a person with flat feet may need subtle changes to the way they land while standing. You can't assume that proper technique can't be changed.

It can certainly be changed as long as you are smart.

The goal is to make sure you don't feel sore during your run and make it easy to get through long sessions.

Sure, you'll feel the natural pain of running (i.e. your lungs are about to explode), but the pain shouldn't reach your joints. This includes wearing the right running shoes.

Make quick adjustments and learn to adjust as you run.

That's the only way to become a better runner.

The best recommendation is to focus on making progressive adjustments based on your performance during a session. A good example of this would be increasing distance over a longer period of time. This way you can spot potential problems with your technique while also becoming healthier.

3.start slowly

Beginners often assume that they can run long distances straight away.

It is not possible to run long distances from day one. The average person won't be able to do this and it will ruin your trust. You must realize that this is a long-term journey and you must start slowly.

So what does it really mean to start slow?

In general, starting slowly means limiting sessions to just 20-30 minutes at a reasonable pace. This speed should be just above your comfort zone and allow you to reap the benefits of running without injuring yourself.

Sure, you'll start learning things after a few weeks or months, but the initial goal is just to learn the technique. You have to give your body a chance to adjust or it will fall apart.

Keep things simple on your side and make sure to start slowly. By doing something so simple, you'll start reaping the benefits of running.

(Video) #1 HIIT Exercise That Burns the MOST Body Fat

In addition to starting slow, it's also smart to stretch before you run. This ensures that your body warms up and you don't immediately rush into an intensive running session.

4.Be consistent with weekly sessions

Are you consistent with your sessions?

It is important to set a reasonable uptime and stick to it. This includes the sessions being of equal length. You don't want to push yourself too hard in a day to catch up.

That's why a schedule is essential when it comes to losing belly fat. If you don't pursue a goal, you won't see results. As simple as that!

How many sessions should you do per week?

For a beginner, it is better to stick to 2-3 sessions a week for 30 minutes. That's more than enough to get your heart racing and your body moving. Once you get the hang of it, it's okay to increase the length of your sessions. Don't start adding new sessions to your weekly routine. The body still needs time to recover.

You can add a maximum of 4 sessions per week, but nothing more if you are a beginner.

Considerable training is required to start with 5-7 sessions per week. A beginner needs to learn the nuances of running before committing to such a regular schedule.

Does running reduce belly fat? - A dash of fitness (3)

5.track everything

Always make time to catch up on what you're doing at the gym. This includes how many kilometers you run per session, how long you have been running and what your current weight is.

This information is interesting because it allows you to track progress. Otherwise it is assumed that nothing is wrong.

You also want to keep an overview in the kitchen.

This includes what's going on in your body, when you eat, and how often you eat throughout the day.

While you sit and wonder if jogging reduces belly fat, it's those details that can make all the difference in the world.

6.Find a good treadmill or track

Do you have a good treadmill to lose belly fat?

Investing in a good treadmill is smart because it makes life easier. You'll know that an at-home cardio session is available for you and it's all about exertion. This helps a lot to focus on your goal.

Remember that losing belly fat is not a one day event. It will take a while.


You need to invest in a good treadmill, or at least find a decent track to run free on.

7.stretch properly

Many beginners don't stretch enough and this holds them back.

You need to think about how your body feels before jumping straight into a 30-50 minute running session.

You end up hurting yourself.

The goal should be to spend at least 5-10 minutes relaxing and warming up your muscles before each session. This can be done with a simple stretching routine.

It's also recommended to add a stretching routine after your running session.

This can be a repetition of what you were doing before as it ensures your muscles have time to relax.

There are millions of people who get injured, and often it's because they don't stretch enough. Don't be one of those people!

final thoughts

Will Running Reduce Belly Fat?

This is a question most people ask, and it's all about using the right approach. Don't assume that jogging comes naturally to you.

There are a number of nuances associated with jogging and it takes time to understand them. This is where people make mistakes and it's important to stick with it as you continue to learn. If you do this, you will see impressive results in the long run.

We highly recommend investing in a well rated treadmill as it can make life easier when it comes time to engage in a cardio session. Many times you give up because it is difficult to go to the gym or run outside.

Keep it simple, invest in a good treadmill and start earning those gains!


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