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We all know that staying warm is becoming more and more difficult due to rising energy costs. Despite rising gas and electricity prices, central heating is still the most economical way to heat your home, but electric heating still makes sense if you need back-up heating or want to maintain the comfort of a particular room .

cheap portable heaters

Cheap portable heaters - Holy Grail (1)

Of course, not all electric heaters are created equal. Some work best in small rooms, large rooms, or when heating just one or two, while some makes and models are significantly more efficient or economical than others. We've handpicked the best electric ovens in all shapes, sizes and models to help you make the right choice for you.

Shoppers rush to buy energy-saving £40 halogen heater after Martin Lewis tips

Heaters come in different models and wattages, some suitable for different situations and with different short-term and long-term costs. Before you buy, think about what you want from your heater. Do you want to keep your room warm all day or night or just need a little warmth here and there? Are you looking for something that can heat up the whole room or something that will keep you warm while sitting on the sofa? What operational costs are you willing to incur? All of this will help you determine the type of heater you should buy.

Heaters are rated in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW) and you generally get what you put in in terms of heat. In a smaller room or one that requires supplemental central heating, you may be happy with something as low as 600W, but larger or cooler rooms may require a 1.2kW to 3kW model.

You can spend as little as £10 on a heater or as much as £400, although most are between £50 and £100. You pay more for modern design, new technology, smart controls and advanced functions, but not necessarily more for thermal power. 2kW of heat from a £20 heater won't be much different to 2kW of heat from a £200 heater, although its efficiency and how the heat is directed into the room can make a difference.

The biggest problem is the operating cost. A 2 kW heater uses 2 kW of electricity operating at full power. This means that if you pay an average of 34p per kilowatt hour for electricity, the job could cost almost 70p per hour. Of course it's on full blast and with the temperature settings all the way down and the active thermostat working, it shouldn't be that expensive as the heater only works when the temperature drops below your setting.

The best deals on electric heaters for December 2022

To put this into perspective, at current energy prices, an average gas boiler costs around £2.40 to £3.40 an hour to heat a whole house. However, with the thermostat at a reasonable level and adequate insulation, this should not be constant. An efficient electric heater makes sense when it comes to keeping a room warm, but when using multiple heaters or heating a larger space, you need to make sure the heaters don't cost more than the water heater to run.

If you are looking for a heater that does not use a lot of energy and will help you reduce the cost of your electricity bill, then the best choice is a halogen water heater, a water heater or an oil stove, especially if they have an effective thermostat in control. The ideal is to find a heater that keeps the temperature constant without being constantly on. Furnaces are more expensive to run, but they can heat the room faster. However, if that room is poorly insulated or fluid, you'll be looking for another explosion more often, increasing operating costs.

A thermostat is critical, as it's important to maintain the right temperature in the room – not too hot, not too cold – and save energy (and money) by turning off the heater when that level is reached. Frost protection can be a useful feature for conservatories or conservatories as it means you can run a heater in there and it will run on minimum and provide just the right amount of heat to keep temperatures north of freezing.

Cheap portable heaters - Holy Grail (2)

Some ovens have a timer that only turns them on at night, for example, while others have a temperature display or remote control. Some heaters even have Wi-Fi connectivity and smart controls so you can turn on and control the heat using an app — or even Alexa voice commands.

Cheap electric heaters for 2023

With the cool air setting, the heater can act as a fan in hot weather, although the usefulness of this function varies. Finally, look for safety features such as tip-over protection or safety devices that can prevent the oven from overheating or starting a fire if dropped.

Price: £40 | Buy Now on Amazon It may be small, but this compact ceramic heater is no match for quickly heating up a small room. Even at the lowest power setting of 1 kW, it puts out an amazing amount of heat. Increase it to 2kW and you'll see a beautiful, almost fiery explosion. In addition, the built-in 60-degree swing dissipates heat well. It can't handle heating larger spaces, but in small rooms and outdoor offices, this beauty worked well.

It has two disadvantages. It's very loud, putting out over 50dB when in operation, and given that it can use over 2.3kW at full power, it's not the cheapest option for longer journeys. However, the thermostat does a decent job of shutting down when the room heats up and is very portable at less than 1.5kg. It also has safety features including a switch.

Basic information – Thermal power: 2kW; Controls: Temperature setting and thermostat controls. Additional features: overheat safety cut-out, tip-over protection, fan function. Dimensions: 187 x 248 x 160 mm; Weight: 1.35 kg

What is the best type of portable heater?

Price: £60 | Shop Now at Lakeland There's a touch of retro style to the style of the De'Longhi tank, but the ceramic heating elements can still pump out plenty of heat. The top handle makes it easy to move around the house, while the leg folds flat for storage. You can choose between two power settings and an adjustable thermostat, along with frost protection and fan cooling functions. Despite its low power of 1.8 W, it heats even large rooms in half an hour and is less noisy than the average heater. This little heater is not only cute, but also versatile and practical.

Basic information – Thermal power: 1.8 kW; Controls: Temperature setting and thermostat controls. Additional features: fan function for cooling and antifreeze. Dimensions: 192 x 137 x 270 mm; Weight: 1.3 kg

Price: £42 | Shop now at B&Q. Granted, it looks like a prop from a 1960s spy movie, but it's hotter even if you ignore the vintage styling. Although it is over half a meter high and 16.4 centimeters deep, it heats up in seconds and a few seconds later it starts to emit hot air. Give it a small space to warm up and it'll be cozy in minutes, but it'll also handle larger rooms in a little more time.

Cheap portable heaters - Holy Grail (3)

While there's no timer, display, or fancy features, the two thumbwheels are nice and smart. A chrome-effect plastic dial toggles between off, fan and power settings, while a black ring on the back controls the thermostat. As a bonus, it's also surprisingly quiet, even at full throttle, and the case doesn't get too hot during use.

Are tube heaters cheap to run? 4 tips for even more economical driving

Basic information – Thermal power: 2kW; Controls: Rotary on/off/temperature knob, thermostat menu. Additional features: Cold air blast, safety cut. Dimensions: 184 x 164 x 522 mm; Weight: 2.5 kg

Price: £105 | Shop now on Amazon. Got a room that needs to heat up quickly without making a mess? This ceramic tower heater takes up almost no space and is only 61 cm tall, yet it will produce 2000 W of heat with the help of its fans. It will even wobble on the base to distribute the heat. We've found it easily transforms a cold kitchen/dining room into a warm and welcoming place - all with minimal fuss or fuss.

It's easy to use: just set the required temperature using the digital controls and let it go. However, it still has some useful features such as a timer and power saving function, weighs less than 1.4kg and, with an integrated carrying handle on the top of the dome, is highly portable. In addition, De'Longhi offers a compact remote control. Generous and efficient, this is one of the best compact heaters on the market.

Basic information – Thermal power: 2kW; Controls: 24 hour timer, temperature up and down, ambient dial, setting dial, toggle switch, power. Additional features: antifreeze, fan function,

How much do halogen heaters cost to run? Full breakdown as temperatures drop

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What type of heater is cheapest to run? ›

Radiator bar-style heater

'Radiator bar-style heaters tend to use around 1.2kW of power while infrared panel heaters need as little as 300W of power. So, these heaters are often cheaper to run per hour,' says William Hobbs at MyJobQuote.

What portable electric heater uses the least electricity? ›

Electric infrared heater

Similar to how the sun warms us when we're outdoors, radiant heat warms people and objects in a room, not the air in between. Since none of the warmth is wasted on heating empty space, an electric infrared heater is one of the most energy-efficient models.

What portable heater can be used indoors? ›

The Dyna-Glo Delux 150K BTU natural gas portable heater is ideal for outdoor/indoor construction, as well as industrial and commercial applications, making it an excellent choice for your portable heating needs. It features an interrupt spark ignition, comfort control thermostat, and an easy lift handle.

Which portable heaters are most economical? ›

Halogen heaters tend to be the cheapest radiant heaters as they have a low power rating (but also produce less heat), while oil-filled radiators are often the cheapest convector heater because there is a thermostat to control the temperature. Portable infrared heaters are getting a lot of attention at the moment.

What is the cheapest and most efficient heater? ›

Reverse cycle split system air conditioners (A.K.A heat pumps) – the most energy efficient electric heater. 5 and 6 star reverse cycle units can be even cheaper to run than gas heaters, producing just one-fifth of the greenhouse gas emissions that a standard electric heater creates.

What is the cheapest way to heat a room? ›

Once you have ensured that a room's heat loss is kept to a minimum, gas central heating is generally your cheapest option. If that's not possible, consider using an oil-filled heater for larger rooms or an electric heater for small areas if you're willing to use it in short bursts.

Are there any cheap to run electric heaters? ›

Infrared electric heater

Like halogen heaters, infrared heaters work by heating objects around them instead of the air. And although they have a higher up-front cost than a traditional heater, they're ultimately cheaper because of their excellent energy efficiency.

Are there any portable heaters that don't need electricity? ›

Gas heaters burn fuel such as propane, natural gas or kerosene. One big difference and benefit of gas space heaters is that they won't be affected during a power outage, since they don't use electricity. But gas heaters also usually have more safety considerations.

What is the cheapest form of heating? ›

Natural gas is likely to prove the cheapest way to heat a home if you have this heating option available to you where you live. Although prices have risen, natural gas is the least costly form of space heating. This is followed by electricity, propane, and heating oil, from the next cheapest to the most expensive.

What type of portable heater is best? ›

Radiant heaters are best if you want to heat an area very quickly. On the other hand, if you want to warm an entire room in your home, a convection heater is the better choice.

Where is the best place to put a portable heater? ›

These appliances are intended to sit on the floor, not on a table. Establish a 3-foot kid- and pet-free zone around the heater, and never put a space heater in a child's room. Keep the space heater at least 3 feet away from combustible materials, such as furniture, bedding, and curtains.

Can I leave a portable heater on all night? ›

Are space heaters safe to leave on all night? In general, it's not recommended that you use a space heater while sleeping.

What type of heater is the most energy efficient? ›

Radiant heaters emit infrared radiation that directly heats objects and people within their line of sight, and are a more efficient choice when you will be in a room for only a few hours and can stay within the line of sight of the heater.

Is a ceramic heater cheap to run? ›

Ceramic heaters are cheaper to run than traditional gas based, or oil filled systems. Ceramic heaters contain heating elements that offer far greater resistance than traditional metal units, this allows for the radiator to generate more heat per watt.

What is cheaper than electric heat? ›

That means natural gas heat costs about 75% of the price of electric heat over a year for a home. If you use natural gas heating and get a gas bill in the winter, it should in principle be less than the portion of the electric bill used for heating should you have used electric heating.

Are oil filled heaters cheap to run? ›

Oil filled radiators are more economical to run because they retain heat longer and power demand through the temperature control is called upon less frequently. Electric heaters heat only the room you are in and not the entire house, providing extra heat only where required and helping to optimise energy consumption.


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