7Mesh Seton Winter Jersey Review: Different From The Rest (2023)

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7Mesh Seton is nothing special because you can use it as a middle or top layer, that's a plus. The special thing about Seton is that it has no membrane and transports moisture from the base layer to the membrane of a high-quality scrub. As a dry mid-layer, this shirt stays dry and warms when it's brutally cold.


  • +

    tight but comfortable

  • +

    Highly breathable combined with high wind resistance.

  • +

    missing membrane

  • +

    The inside keeps you warm and feels fantastic.

  • +

    PFC and PFAS free

  • +

    Three large elastic pockets

  • +

    Two large zipped pockets.

In contrast

  • -

    One-sided zipper with small teeth

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I'm constantly testing new thermal shirt and long sleeve options of all kinds. There are many options, but my strategy hasn't really changed in years. I would look for possible options to add to our listbest wheel trikotsand he would appreciate her himself.

In the past, I've always considered layered systems as an option to maximize adaptability. When I learned that the whole trip would stay cold, I figured there was no point in trying to layer. I then spoke to Ian Martin, co-founder of 7Mesh, and he gave me some new ideas.

Martin also told me about the Seton winter jersey that 7Mesh released this fall. Of course, Martin had positive things to say about this new option for his company, but I don't just take his word for it. Every time I face inclement weather to try a new shell, Seton is quietly in the background to support me. Now I'm ready to talk about what this new winter shirt brings and how it's different. If you're looking for a new strategy to stay warm, read on to see if 7Mesh Seton is the solution you've been waiting for.

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design and aesthetics

As soon as you play the seton, you immediately know it's different. It doesn't feel, nor does it feel like anything else on the market. This is mainly due to the fabric, which is something special at 7Mesh with the acronym WTV. The letters stand for Wind, Thermal and Ventilation, which represent the three challenges faced by WTV. It looks different, looks different and is built differently.

When building, one aspect is the focus on sustainability. Details matter to 7Mesh and you'll find Bluesign and Oeko-Tex certifications, plus PFC and PFAS free and made from 34% recycled polyester. But as important as these details are, they are only one aspect of the design. The other equally important side is performance.

On this front, the main idea is that whatever the weather, you have to walk out your door and not touch it. This is where the different optics come into play. In many cases, wanting to make a shirt suitable for a variety of situations would mean adding a membrane. That's the direction Castelli and Rapha have taken with the Gore-Tex Infinium shirts/jackets they both offer. 7Mesh works towards the same end result from a different direction.





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Instead of a membrane, the brand chose to balance breathability and wind protection with a thoughtful fabric design. WTV achieves this through a completely different external and internal face. At first glance, it's a high-density fabric, tough enough to conform to a tough shell and effectively stop the wind. In some ways it's like Gore-Tex Infinium, but the lack of a membrane further increases breathability. Then the inside is wonderfully soft and resembles a Polartec Alpha insulation. Like this material, the raised design traps hot air without bulk.

Of course, one wonderful material is not enough to put together a down jacket. To make the fabric really work, 7Mesh starts with a unique pattern. It's not uncommon for the upper back of a jacket to be a single piece of fabric, but 7Mesh uses triangular edging and darts. Then the top of the sleeves is made of the same fabric as the front and side panels and there is another dart on the front shoulder. The result is a distinct curve and space in the bodice of the shirt. Even when lying down, it offers space for your body in a way you don't normally see with a t-shirt.

Bags are another part of Seton's unique design. WTV contains 9% spandex but the pockets use a different material and this time it's 20%. The three main pockets fit plenty of gear, and there are also two zip pockets. These zippered pockets run the full width of the main pockets, which in turn means plenty of capacity. To make this feature usable, the pockets float above the rest of the shirt. They come in a self-contained package and only stick on three sides. This allows the lower section to emerge freely without altering the fit of the Seton's suspended rear tail. Keeping everything stable is the job of the curved top seam that meets the center of the back. Again, there is nothing comparable.





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Exclusive doesn't always mean better, but definitely in this case. The 7Mesh Seton came to me in the fall, well before it got cool enough to use, and it almost fell off my radar. Although I knew immediately that it was unique, I also spent some time thinking about what to do with it in the beginning.

The first marketing materials I saw were about WTV's ability to do anything. I live near one of the few temperate rainforests in the world, and 7Mesh's headquarters are in the same landscape. Marketing shows lots of grey, wet, foggy photos of mountain biking and gravel riding through the trees with the implication that the Seton is all you need. The problem for me is that it's not that special to use like that.

In fact, in such a framework, it might not even be the best option. HeCastelli PerfectRoS 2The jacket will handle this type of riding better as it can handle more rain. If it's colder than the Castelli piece can handle, Assos has itMille GT winter jacket, IsTeam R Habu S9 winter jacket, it's himMille GT Ultraz Evothese are amazing one-layer solutions. If you want to go all out with a base coat plus outer shell then one of these four parts is hard to beat and if you look at Seton like that it's not that interesting.





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Don't think of it as the only long sleeve shirt you'll ever need, just part of the features. Most long sleeve shirts that don't have a membrane also don't have the ability to stop the wind. The Seton adds features because it will keep you warm on fall and spring rides when it's cool but dry, but like I said, that's not really special. The special feature: Due to the lack of a membrane, it can be used as a mid-layer and, in contrast to most long-sleeved shirts, you stay dry in this role.

With this new understanding, I started picking up Seton whenever I needed to test a shell. Again and again he went out into the storm only to survive unscathed and came back with a warm, dry middle layer. What really brought me home was the last time I walked my bike in the snow. I couldn't just warm up with itPAS normal Schildweste, the 7Mesh Seton and a warm base layer in temperatures as low as -4°C / 25°F, but after seven hours of riding I was dry. Although my base layer was wet enough to wring out, the Seton was able to effectively wick moisture through the jacket's membrane. That's what makes the Seton shirt so special, the ability to be the last layer too is just a bonus.





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When it comes to winter clothing, there are three pieces that have really impressed me this winter. Like I said when I was talking about the regular PAS Shield Jacket, it's my new adventure partner. This jacket excels at its performance as a shell but is a little less see-through underneath. I've tried a few warm base layers and will have more to come, and some are better or worse, but none of them are fundamentally unique. Then there are the mid-tier options, which I've tried.

When it comes to performance midlayers, 7Mesh Seton andCapa Pearl Izumi Alfathey are amazing and unique. Both have a slightly more comfortable fit and excellent, albeit different, pocket designs. Each option is a big step up from a standard long sleeve tee and I gave both five star ratings. If you're tired of doing things the way you've always done them and ready to warm up on those winter rides, the only question is which one to choose.

For some people this question will be easy. If you live outside of the United States, Pearl Izumi clothing is hard to find. If you live outside the US, choose Seton, which is made by a Canadian company and distributed worldwide. For American readers, it's a bit more complicated.

I prefer the alpha layer a lot, if I want something I just use it in a shell. As I implied in this review, it cannot be used as a top coat. If you want something that serves more than one purpose, then the Seton is for you. It will only work in some situations, maybe it will be a bit warmer and it will fit more in the pockets. The only change I would make is to give it a better two-way zip, but I also don't unzip it so you might not even notice.

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Result and grade test
design and aestheticsGreat features, great material and bright colors. A stitch taken from a zipper that is not large.9/10
thermal managementSlightly firmer than Alpha insulation, but still lighter than many t-shirts and great for wicking water away from the body.10/10
Save on computerThe unusual pocket design loses some stability, but it's still good enough and there's plenty of room.9/10
comfort and fitPerfect fit and super comfortable.10/10
ValentinaIt's not hard to find a standard long sleeve shirt that's more expensive, and Seton performs much better. It's not cheap, but it's great value for money.10/10
GenerallyRow 5 - cell 196%

Specifications: 7Mesh Seton winter shirt

  • Preis:£ 170 / $ 200 / € 190
  • Weight:303g (small measured size)
  • Availability of sizes:S-XG
  • Color Options:black, midnight blue, enthusiasm
  • Materials:Body: 57% Polyester, 34% Recycled Polyester, 9% Elastane, Contrast: 80% Polyester, 20% Elastane

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