30 Great Character Animator Examples: What You Can Do With Puppets (2023)

emmy winnerAdobe Character Animatorit has grown in popularity in recent years since its release in 2015. Especially now that the software has matured to its December 2021 version 22.1, people can't get enough of these beautiful, easy to control and synchronized movements.puppet characters. Without further ado, today we want to have fun and bring you great moments and inspiration. Let's see these puppets in action in the following 30 Adobe Character Animator examples.

The videos show the possibilities of the software and the cases in which the puppet characters can be used very well. From commercials to podcasts and live streams to funny memes and animated videos. People definitely had a lot of fun creating it, so we hope you will too.

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Article Summary:
1.Examples of explanatory videos
2.commercial examples
3.Examples of campaign videos
4.Examples of video clips
5.Examples of channel messages
6.Examples of children's series.
7.Examples of transmissions and comments
8.Examples of web and television series
9.Fun videos and examples of personal projects.

Examples of explanatory videos

As with broadcasts and live shows, puppets are useful for following your movements and lip-syncing your narration. In that case, they are ideal for explainer videos.

1. Game subscriptions are the future

An animated look at why subscriptions are the future of gaming. This is a perfect example of commercial use and animated doll explainer videos.

2. Consoles

another video offine samuraifor an animated film on Playstation, Xbox, Switch and PC: four robots sharing an apartment in the center.

commercial video samples

It was about time that puppets appeared in this area. We look forward to more commercials featuring Adobe Character Animator puppets in the future.

3. Greek advertising for Lidl

Why was there such a break at Olympus from October 2015 to February 2016? Because all the gods were in the LIDL to anticipate their divine offerings. As do the Greek gods. The video was animated bygabriel melissourgakisfor a Lidl ad.

(Video) Building A Puppet From Scratch - ARCHIVED (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)

Examples of campaign videos

Campaign videos also seem like a perfect place for puppets. Like the explainer and commercial videos, they get the most out of the software. Below is a fun promotional video for a public mini-game campaign, an art video for a UNICEF campaign, and a Russian environmental video.

4. Los Omblis – Public Goods Campaign

A public campaign that aims to improve the coexistence of citizens in a fun way through mini-games and a fun promotional video.Fede Puopolo and Lucas VelekShare the entire design process, from character creation to animation, on the project page.

5. The naked truth of sexy selfies

motion designerpicasso changworked with Focus Films to create this piece for UNICEF Malaysia's #ClickWisely#ReplyForAll campaign. Show the price to pay to gain popularity with nude selfies.

6. Sad Earth

A Russian animated video of a freelancerOleg Herrshowing the signs Earth and Mars. In the video, the earth is sad because Mars doesn't want to communicate with it because it smells bad and is dirty. Unable to cleanse itself, the earth is in a rage as humans can only wreak havoc and deplete resources. It is basically an environmental video that aims to inspire people to live in harmony with nature and help the earth stay clean.

Examples of video clips

Let's start with some amazing video clips made with different animation programs. However, the characters are created and synced with Character Animator. We promise that he will be pampered.

7. DJ Aktive – The City con Common, Freeway, Bri Steves, DJ Jazzy Jeff

A great music video for the song The City byactive dj. It's a great song with love for Philly and an intriguing video with animated characters. There are not two ways.

8. limit

Borderline is a music video for a song bywe ghostswith the same name. The characters are literally cardboard dolls and the video offers great visuals and originality.

9. Herzen adolescente

Este is a 2D music video ofRaya Boteva is Robin Renardfor the Nantes Teenage Hearts band. The video was produced for the song "Just Another Clown" and contains 12 hand-drawn frames and various states of the character in motion.

(Video) Puppet Maker - Adobe Character Animator Tutorial

10. Alien

A nice video offine samuraiwith your own puppet character. The song is a parody of various artists such as Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, Blanco Brown and Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Channel Message Video Examples

Sometimes you need to notify your audience and friends through your social networks. And what better way than with a personalized video with great animated characters.

11. Happy Holidays

We did this a while ago to wish all our friends a happy holiday with ourPuppet Character Stock Animator. For this video we used Adobe Character Animator for the puppets and After Effects for all the animation.

12. Happy New Year Wishes

Animationsgruss de Motion Graphics Creatoryurie manningwith Character Animator and Premiere Pro. It features a cute gingerbread doll character who is very shy and adorable and just wants to wish his loved ones happy holidays.

Examples of videos for children's series.

We cannot fail to mention the largest niche where cartoon characters are most recognized. Kids love it and they are perfect for cartoons and educational shows.

13. Cosmonuts on Mars Selfie Lanches

Cosmonut, or Eugene "Cosmo" Nutt, shares a selfie of Mars and explores why Mars is red.Worker Studio-Animationhe adapted the character to work as a 2D performance capture puppet for his selfie snacks.

14. Yippie Kids TV

Yippee Kids TV byagency WeProDigiis a fun and educational program designed to fill children's entertainment time with a variety of adorable characters, songs and activities. The video below features doll characters singing the popular Baby Shark song.

15. Educational Gecko Videos for Kids

Gecko can teach you anything! is a character offun learning for kidsYouTube channel that posts educational videos for babies, toddlers, and children.

(Video) Magnets (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)

16. How to draw a kangaroo

Did you know that the mother kangaroo carries her young in a bag to protect them? Today Maré will teach you how to draw a super cool kangaroo. This cute duckling puppet was created byclemens macielfor a Portuguese children's program on YouTube.

Examples of video streams and comments

The only convenient way to animate a live character is with a synchronized puppet. In these examples you can see these dolls used for late night shows and commentary videos. Puppets are also becoming increasingly popular on Twitch for live game streams.

17. The Late Show con Stephen Colbert

Imagine falling asleep at home and waking up to a 2D cartoon hosting a talk show at the Ed Sullivan Theater. This is exactly what happenedstefano colbertand Jon Batiste in The Late Show's first animated monologue.

18. Toy classification

This video is an example of using puppets as avatars for your own show. It is ideal for broadcasts and commentary videos. Then,toy crossbowMezco reviews John Wick, SH Figuarts Thor & Thanos, and other action figures.

19. News from Mars on the air

This video was animated by Motion Designer & Editor from GermanyTomas Dahmfor a personal Sci-Fi News Show project. The video is in German and shows news anchor (spokebot) Roxy Robotov broadcasting the daily news from the planet Mars.

Examples of web and television series

Another growing trend in animated series, especially web series, is the use of puppets to shorten the character animation process. Let's see some examples.

20. Space Princess

animated extrasis a sci-fi puppet web series channel by Character Animator. In this episode, Bob finds a person floating in space and discovers that she is a beautiful space princess on a mission.

21. Pet Store

Another great video from Animated Extras. Grandpa goes to the pet store to return a pony. However, the pony is a boy in a unicorn outfit looking for a home.

22. Cookie drama

Dimitri is deeply in love with Martina. Will there be a happy ending? Let's find out! dolls and video ofMaximilian Zenck.

(Video) Creating a Photoshop Puppet (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)

23. The night we turned SWAT

In this episode of a talk show-like animated series fromI am hekztun, the main character, tells the story of the night he was ambushed by a SWAT team.

24. Scavengers from Outer Space

Scavengers from Outer Space is a low-budget adult animated web series created bystudy a, which features an old-style cartoon about Captain Moho's travels and troubles in space.

25. The Adventures of Aylzee and Imaginary Friends

Find out what happens when Aylzee realizes that Themba may be responsible for some of the ongoing cash-in-transit thefts. Designed and animated byLwazi Aylzee.

Examples of funny videos

In our last section, we paved the way for funny videos, parodies, and personal projects from professionals, freelancers, and enthusiasts. Everyone has fun with their dolls and experiments with different genres.

26. Dr. Applesmith finally broke the time travel barrier.

In this video ofSchmideo, Dr. Greg Apllesmith (the world's stupidest scientist) has his theory. According to the theories of most scientists, if an object moved faster than the speed of light, it would go backwards in time. But what about slower than the speed of light? If an object traveled slowly enough, wouldn't it travel into the future? Dr. Greg Apllesmith shares the phenomenal success of his experiment in this fun video.

27. Stubenhocker

Sometimes you just have to do it for the meme. In this video, Frank and Steinway offer 3 seconds of their original character chilling with Bernie Sanders wearing gloves. This meme was everywhere in January.

As a bonus, from the same creators, this doll walking animation quiz is cute too:

28. Animated Star Wars Parody

An absolutely hilarious parody of Star Wars from thefrench pineappleBased on the iconic "I Have the Higher Ground" scene from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The video has uncensored language and is recommended for an adult audience.

29. Give us your hands

Here's a little animation from the graphic designer.plaza bradleyhe manipulated and animated his friend to resemble the mad titan Thanos. The whole project was probably an inside joke, but we're glad the animator shared it with the rest of the world.

30. "TED" y Videezy

This doll video was created by a design enthusiast.tyler grantfor a design challenge. The specific task was to create an advertisement for a good cause or a small business with an original character. This challenge required the ad to be at least 30 seconds long and contain as much information as possible. TED (the character) is a master seller (self-proclaimed title) and will offer any product that might make users uncomfortable.

(Video) FAST Animations without Rigging? ANSWER: Pre-Made Rigs in Cartoon Animator

last words

These were today's 30 videos showing the possibilities with puppets. We hope you enjoyed these Adobe Character Animator samples and found inspiration to create your own videos, series, campaigns, or how-to videos. Adobe will continue to release new features in the future, so the possibilities of the software have not been exhausted yet. Stay tuned.

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